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img_summary_inviteIn 1850, fossil fuels – coal, oil and natural gas – accounted for only 5 percent of the world’s energy. Now they account for more than 80 percent. But will there be enough fossil fuel resources available to support a near doubling in the size of the global economy to $130 trillion by 2030?

The 22nd World Energy Congress, to be held in Daegu, Korea from October 13 to 17, 2013, will devote itself to discussing this and other critical issues under the theme of “Securing Tomorrow’s Energy Today.” Participants will include government ministers, energy CEOs and respected analysts and researchers.

The globalization of energy demand poses a number of challenges that are summed up in the concept of the “energy trilemma” by the World Energy Council, which is the sponsor of the Congress. Will there be enough energy to meet growing demand among both rich and poor nations?

How can energy supplies be protected against disruptions? And how will efforts to mitigate climate change affect access to future energy sources?

The $6 trillion energy market will also be shaped by the rise of renewables and alternative fuels as well as development of new energy technologies. The extensive exhibit space at the Congress will highlight these and other developments in the energy sector.

The more than 5,000 participants at the 2013 Congress will have an unprecedented opportunity to network with top global players, explore business opportunities, secure investment, and access new markets. No other energy sector gathering brings together such a wide range of influential figures.

WEC Daegu 2013 will represent only the second time in the event’s 90 years that it will be held in East Asia, the world’s most dynamic energy market. The Congress will take place in Daegu, Korea’s green growth capital, offering delegates the opportunity to view at first hand the country’s sustainable energy development initiatives.

I would like to invite you to participate in this important event and look forward to your attendance at WEC Daegu 2013.

Hwan-Eik Cho

Chair , WEC Daegu 2013 Organizing Committee

GoPro Drones Overview

cheap quadcoptersPerhaps, you’ve been following news lately with regards to the UAV Drone testing areas that the FAA wants to set aside. Well, it turns out that most of the continuing states would love to have at least one test practice area. It is because by some estimates having a territory to test prototype unmanned aerial vehicles could add as much as 800,000 jobs. At least that’s what the people in Palmdale California and Ventura County California believe. Knowing what I understand about unmanned aerial techniques best quadcopters, I tend to agree.

Not to mention the known fact that as soon as you get all those scientists, engineers, and University level study departments working on this nagging problem, you also have all the best drone for beginners minds you will need for other autonomous robotic type vehicles. For instance, what about self-driving vehicles, or underwater unmanned vehicles? Tele-robotics is the future of healthcare obviously, and unmanned systems might help us monitor the environment, provide pizzas to your porch, and help you drive when you are elderly. Okay so, if you haven’t read all of the interesting articles, there are a few that you may want to take a look at.

all about drones

The first one I would recommend to help you understand the history of how all this had become was published in the LA Times on April 8, 2013. The title this article is; “States Joust in a Game of Drones – seven compete for six federally designated sites to study the use of unmanned aircraft in Us all airspace,” by Richard Simon. Then there was another article, this one was from the AP out of Sacramento. It was rewritten by Timm Herdt also it made an appearance in the Ventura County Star titled; “Governors Help Urged in Combat for Drone Business – Representatives Testify before State Lawmakers. drone updates.

Interestingly enough, I really do recall while all this bidding was going on around the nation that there was an extremely interesting piece on C-SPAN, along with a congressional hearing. You see, there’s a bit of controversy about flying drones in Us all airspace. However, Drones For Sale if we have been to ever have flying vehicles later on there will need to be autonomous control overrides to avoid mishaps in the sky. You notice if two flying vehicles are driving about and crash into each other, both will fall to the crash and ground killing everyone. You can view how dangerous that would be


cheap rc quadcopterHowever, those things we learn from unmanned aerial systems, autonomous flight, and self-driving vehicles are all the future technologies we shall need for many other industries as well. This is why so many folks have gotten together in California to ensure that they get at least one of those practices drone areas to help promote jobs. They have an excellent shot too because California is really a Democrat state mostly, and they have the best shot at it therefore. Remember all those trips that President Obama designed to secure campaign funding here. It’s time that he paid back some of his best supporters.

Best of all, California currently has an incredible number of aerospace engineers, know-how, and very R&D research facilities. Some have estimated in the industry that the unmanned vehicles space will be probably the most rapid growing technologies in future. I agree. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Best Handgun Safe Reviews

Importance of Gun Safes

browning gun safeThe significance of a gun safe in someone ‘s life varies according to utility and their demands of the safe. It is very vital that you get the requirement and organize your actions accordingly Ammunition Safe.

Everyone has the other that’s very important in their own own lives or something. Shoe boxes and crap drawers will be the places where most of us store our most significant records and files and folders.

best gun safes for under 100In reality the matter is the fact that taking away things on whatever they are able to lay their hands on running at home is without having any skills as thieves, what the majority of burglars do. To stop thieves from taking away the documents one must properly ensure those documents. To be able to do this one needs to really have a safe that is secure. The power of a safe is the fact that access to the valuables is permitted only to those to whom you give the safe key or combination and to you. Among the various types of safes that may be found in the marketplace safes to safes that are relatively cheap are from quite expensive.

The factors that determine which safe you need to choose comprises that which you intend to put in the best small safe and how much you really can manage for the safe. It will likely be safe from an inexperienced but vulnerable to an expert if one goes for a safe that is basic then. Electing for better and more fancy safes can elude most robbers. Another advantage is the fact that safes come in all styles and sizes to suit the various needs of different people.

Tips on the Best Gun Safe and Gun Safe Reviews

best gun safeUncover an old wall locker and have an individual weld you a couple of heavy duty bars on it you can safe with series 200 or round locks that are set back in a circle. Now that you know why it’s essential to own a gun protected, let’s take a appear at the best 11 brands and assessment the most effective gun secure for the funds. Building and Size – The common toughness of a protected is determined by the thickness of steel it is made from – the thicker the greater. With a 12 gauge composite body construction, strong like a rock, the best gun safe assures its owner about the potential of protecting the inside content. Some of these concealed safes are disguised as framed pictures, artwork and mirrors. Cons: Con for this gun safe is at the exact same time a single of its primary advantages: huge storage space. The steel that is made use of in the safe requires to be at least 7-ten gauges to make it secure from robbery. One particular protected tech reported that AMSEC had just replaced a vault door because the paint wasn’t quite right”. You can get your firearm quickly working with a digital keypad or biometric touchscreen.

Best Gun Safe For The Money

best handgun safeFactors like cabled money boxes and mobile safes with internal organization had been a handful of of the suggestions that have been 1st developed by the Fortress brand. If the best gun safe for the money and the scanner is effectively-created, a fingerprint is 1 of the most secure gun safes, though it also has the restriction of generally requiring an external or battery power source. This tiny gun protected provides users two reside-locking bolts and internal hinges for some added security against getting pried open.

Best Gun Safe Reviews – Learn Expert Advice for Top Rated Safes

best bedside gun safePlus, these best handgun safe products are generally equipped with cool functions such as biometric locks and can expense considerably less than a traditional secure, producing them a excellent selection to take into consideration if you are solely hunting to retailer your handguns. Yes there is a protected company in NC that tends to make them by hand, Drake best bedside gun safe Co. He has no internet page, you can only uncover him on Facebook or at 1 of the gun shows. A lot of of our Cannon gun safes give certified fire protection for 30 minutes at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This gun secure is a superior investment not only if you have long guns, but also of you want a bigger place to lock up all your valuables. Optical retinal scanners are seldom utilized for gun safes due to the fact of the improved expense.